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The system captures images of the crowd in real time at the entrance of the events and transmits them live to Cicoe (Integrated Control and Special Operations Center)

After installing fiber optics, local public authorities invested in 430 Axis IP and license plate recognition cameras, paving the way for the smart city concept

Elected the best product in its category for the Property and Corporate Security sector, the software was awarded alongside the country’s main brands

In addition to the new features, new camera models and integrated equipment, the software’s design has become more suitable to the market’s demands

Tools for digital image capture, video analysis, and automation were adopted in partnership with the integrator Essencial Tecnologia Inteligente

The unit will be responsible for prospecting new business, training, certification, services, and post-sales to American and Canadian customers

The software won as the best video surveillance software for the fifth time and was also once again awarded as the best electronic security case

Presented in October 2015, the new complex received the best technologies in electronic surveillance, IP surveillance and digital image storage

The D’avó supermarket network backs away from analog video surveillance systems, migrates to IP technology, and makes plans to use video analytics

With the Enterprise version 7.0, the software integrated resources, anticipated technological demands, created a safer environment, and solved image management issues