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Digifort and Optex integrate technologies for the benefit of the best solutions in intrusion systems

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The approval of the software with the Redscan system, an intrusion detection system based on laser technology, will provide users access to new technological resources


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Solutions from the partnership between Optex & Digifort will have worldwide coverage and support

Digifort has just consolidated yet another important technological partnership in favor of the world market. This time, the “First Brazilian IP Surveillance Software” has joined its service profile, technological know-how, and commercial pioneering to Optex Brazil, a reputable manufacturer of electronic security equipment. The announcement calls for the integration of the software’s operational platform to the resources from Redscan, one of the market’s main tools featuring laser technology for presence and intrusion detection. The union will allow users to widen, protect and improve their network resources, saving up to 75% in bandwidth, among other benefits.


Emilio Giacomo, Optex commercial director, explains that the company’s focus is to develop presence detectors and systems capable of assessing intrusions quickly and with a high degree of reliability. He reveals that this business profile carries synergy with Digifort. “We take part in security projects all over Brazil. We have noticed that Digifort is approved in most cases, achieving a high degree of operational, technical and commercial satisfaction by part of its customers who have adopted the system. To have our products integrated to the software will expand our market participation, providing new detection technologies with a high degree of protection, which is sought after by the products’ integrators and end users”.


Throughout Brazil, projects are underway and others have already been successfully completed, which comprise the simultaneous use of Redscan and Digifort. “Soon, our approval will be 100% completed, allowing complete solutions between the systems.  Throughout its history, Digifort has adopted communication channels to listen to suggestions and demands from its customers. Deploying these solutions is part of our continuous improvement process. We also maintain this relationship, which is based on transparency, trust and collaboration, with our partners and suppliers. We are optimistic since we are sure that the partnership with Optex will bring numerous benefits to the market”, guarantees Carlos Eduardo Bonilha, Digifort’s Managing Director.


Integration is one of the focuses at the Digifort training center

The executive Masaya Horii, who was appointed by Optex Japan to develop new business in Latin America, also assesses as being excellent the opportunity of adding value to security projects by means of integrating the solutions from Digifort to products from Optex. “This agreement allows us to broaden our participation not only in local markets, but also in all the continents, since both brands have great international projection. Our products are recognized worldwide for their quality and applied technologies. Now, to this we add a strong integration work with the world’s leading software. This is the status of this union with the Digifort”, evaluates, in a motivational fashion, the president director of Optex Brazil.


Optex Brazil – The Corporation has been conducting business in the Latin American market with the help of strategic partners in all sectors in which it operates. Until a short time ago, their business in the region was carried out via the United States, Europe and Japan. Now, after the opening of an office in Brazil, their actions on the continent have been expanded and they are now being managed more closely. Its current mission is to increase its presence in this market and to expand customer satisfaction by means of commercial services and local technical support activities. Optex Brazil is the first subsidiary of the Optex Group in Latin America. More information is available at


Digifort – It is the first Brazilian software for “IP Surveillance” and digital image storage. Known in the market as an IP Surveillance System, the product carries advanced resources, equipment and technological solutions for the segments of digital intelligence, corporate surveillance and urban security.  It has approximately 12 thousand customers worldwide, with about 200 manufacturers and over 4000 integrated camera models. Presently, its platform is continuously developed in Brazil, commercialized in over 100 countries and translated into several languages, making the software one of the best in international market evaluations. More information is available at

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