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Digifort hires director of projects in the Southern region and opens branch office in Santa Catarina

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Located in Balneário Camboriú/SC, the operational structure will be responsible for representing the brand and providing services for this important regional market


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Relations with the customers will be part of the routine

After inaugurating modern facilities in its own headquarters and investing in the consolidation of Brazil’s most modern IP surveillance training center, both in Caetano do Sul/SP, Digifort bets in the expansion of the market and opens a branch office in Balneário Camboriú, one of the most vibrant cities in the country’s Southern region. The new structure will be directed by Sandro Neves, a consultant specializing in security and technology. Hired as director of projects, he will be responsible for commercial services, after sales and product partnerships in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. He will also lead the technical, administrative and support interface with the teams located at headquarters.


According to Neves, prospecting for new businesses, developing solutions for the benefit of the customers and projects in partnership with distributors, integrators and end-users are part of the initial challenges. “We want to provide quality services in lectures, training, seminars, and certifications on our software throughout Brazil. Our branch in Balneário Camboriú will act as a support structure for all of this, in addition to being an extension of those activities related to the market’s qualification, which has already been successfully done in São Caetano. For all of this to be possible, we are in the final stages of putting together a showroom that will have a similar structure to the one at our headquarters”, reveals the new director.


The professional arrives with several years of experience in the security, technology and IP surveillance market under his belt, having had the chance of building a career as a consultant, technical director and other managerial functions. In face of the new challenges being presented by the market, he has become a specialist in corporate, team and project management. In addition to this, he has developed products, opened new markets and integrated solutions as a collaborator in companies such as Venetian, CLICCFTV and Alarm System Distribuidora. In this trajectory paved with success, respect, trust, and professional relationships were strengthened, culminating with the opportunity of carrying out projects and ventures as a direct collaborator of Digifort.


For Carlos Eduardo Bonilha, Digifort’s executive director, work potential is the best possible one with the arrival of the new collaborator. “We are concerned in regards to not allowing the routine to stop”. Sandro has this profile and he brings with him some methods that have worked very well. We will apply some of these methodologies to our professional routine. On the other hand, we are already learning new things with him and vice-versa. These changes are essential for the maintenance of our product, team qualification and innovations for the benefit of the market. The new branch in Santa Catarina strives to achieve this balance, aiming the well-being of our business, of our partners and of those who stand beside us in this constant challenge”.


Bonilha (right) welcomes appointed

The market – Neves explains that the Southern region has always been the most significant in volume of sales in Brazil, having a considerable number of sites installed with Digifort, while one of the main factors has always been the quality of the software, the service provided and the proximity to the customer. However, in the face of new demands and investments being made in this part of the country, regional growth must be monitored with a lot of intensity and professionalism. To achieve this, the director is already planning to visit several customers, precisely to enable him to ascertain their individual needs, as well as the profile and stage of each potential project. This work methodology will also be expanded throughout Brazil.


“We will bring distributors, integrators and end-users closer together, seeking to increase their knowledge about the product, not only regarding the VMS software, but of all available modules and integrations. We want an increasingly customized tool, which can easily work in favor of its users. We will listen to the market’s needs and contribute for its development, since this model is already part of our DNA. Right from the first contact with Digifort, I was certain that I was before something innovative, dynamic and created with Brazilian creativeness.  Now, faced with this professional challenge, it is an honor to belong to a team that designs solution all over the world”, concludes the new director.


Service – The new branch of the Digifort Software / Systrade Technology in the Southern region is located at Rua Miguel Matte, 347 – room 03 – Pioneiros District – Cep.: 88331-030 – Balneário Camboriú / Santa Catarina / Brasil. More information is available by calling (47) 3081-5977(47) 3081-5977.


Digifort – It is the first Brazilian software for “IP Surveillance” and digital image storage. Known in the market as an IP Surveillance System, the product carries advanced resources, equipment and technological solutions for the segments of digital intelligence, corporate surveillance and urban security.  It has approximately 12 thousand customers worldwide, with about 200 manufacturers and over 4000 integrated camera models. Presently, its platform is continuously developed in Brazil, commercialized in over 100 countries and translated into several languages, making the software one of the best in international market evaluations. More information is available at

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