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Largest container terminal in South America adopts Digifort to monitor its operations in Brazil

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After the success in the Port of Santos, where is located its largest development, Santos Brasil provides for expansion of Digifort to other units of the country


By Marcelino Silva –


Dias coordinates the implementation of the Digifort in Tecon Santos

While the Port of Santos, São Paulo, does not become a technological ideal condominium, terminals individually invest in electronic security and cutting edge technology for attend the demands of the international market. This is the case of Santos, Brasil (Tecon-Santos), the largest operator of containers in Brazil. According to the company, has already been invested about R$ 2.2 billion in professional skills, technology and modernization of its localities. Some of this investment meets the requirements and standards of the ISPS Code, International Code for Security of Ships and Port Facilities.


To beat successive records in cargo handling and ensure the operational safety within international standards, Tecon has the technology Digifort IP Surveillance System to monitor their operations on the docks of Santos, the largest in South America. Once implanted in an integral way, in all terminals of the group in Brazilian ports, the digital security project will operate more than 400 integrated cameras by way of Digifort throughout Brazil. Ricardo Dias, technical supervisor monitoring of Santos Brasil, explains the main differences that made Digifort a strategic partner of the group.


“At the beginning of everything, we started to operate with three cameras and four monitors analog RF (TV signal). Optical fiber was too expensive and RF was an initial solution. As a result, monitoring investments were made gradually. Then we adopt the optical fiber and signal converters to operate the captured images in analog. IP technology was still some distant for us, because we had different manufacturers operating in our park, requiring hardware and software compatibility. When we know Digifort, we found that we could integrate everything. This was the time of change. “


The terminal is located on the left bank of the Port of Santos

He reveals that Digifort formed the perfect marriage, because the company could not ignore their investments in analog equipment. “With these cameras, we have great capture and view images by day and night. We add to them the perfect recordings, searches and stores digital technology Digifort, eliminating the use of DVRs (digital video recorders). We would record everything on tape, taking hours to rescue an image. Today, any occurrence is identified in seconds, enough know the date and time. In addition, directors and managers open images in real time. “


Currently, Santos Brasil uses Digifort version 6.5. According to Dias, the company is awaiting the release suite 7.0 to migrate the entire structure, enjoying first-hand the new resources to capture and recording of audio. With this, the Digifort platform will be deployed in other operations of the group in Brazil, including port terminals Imbituba (SC), Vila do Conde (PA), VTE-Santos, São Paulo, administrative offices in urban areas and facilities of Santos Brasil Logistica, operational arm of the group for transport and distribution. Will be eight locations monitored in a centralized manner throughout the country.


Structure The deployment of the Digifort Tecon-Santos allowed us to take one of the main provisions of the Brazilian Customs and the ISPS Code. Today, the Santos terminal can store six months of recording and immediate consultations. “To support this application, we have invested in the operation of a dedicated server for storing digital images. Manufactured by IBM, the equipment remains securely about 120 terabytes of information. The training of internal staff, with several Digifort certifications and trainings, also part of the process “, explain Dias.


Santos Brasil receives cargo ships from around the world

On his desk, the supervisor has monitors connected to Digifort and Google Earth, both mapping the terminal during their working hours. On the wall of the room, a 42 inch LCD screen allows connection to any camera which observes 596 thousand square meters of area, including courtyards, warehouses and 980 meters of quay for berthing of ships. In addition, Santos Brazil has a monitoring center that operates with observers 24 hours a day. The unit is equipped with biometric access and a panel with 30 LCDs monitors, forming a great mosaic of digital surveillance.


Dias has a team of technicians for installation, maintenance and laboratory repairs throughout the system. “It took us 15 minutes to solve any problem, because the knowledge and field of technology are in our hands, either in hardware or software. We invest in prevention, picking the best cost benefit of this work methodology. The electronic security is an arm of patrimonial security, which has another 150 professionals offering safety to the terminal. Digifort provides technology and intelligence in the middle of this complex process. This is a commercial distinct to our customers. “


In the expansion process, the system already has 150 cameras models, technology and various manufacturers. They operate several features of Digifort, responsible for monitoring vehicles speed, virtual walls and fences around the perimeter of the terminal. “We have 16 cameras operating Analytical module Digifort. One of them is positioned at 40 meters high, providing panoramic control throughout our operation. We are acquiring thermal cameras to monitor the internal perimeter completely. Thanks to technology Digifort, only two units of this model will be purchased, “says supervisor.


Monitoring Room Terminal operates 24 hours a day

The company intends to deploy the modules Digifort LPR (License Plate Reading) and Digifort Alarm and Automation (Commbox). “The LPR will help control and recognition of vehicles licenses. With Commbox, the idea is to improve the use of internal equipment such as large screens, projectors, lighting and air-conditioning in meeting rooms. Secretaries and assistants will manage these resources at distance. The elasticity of the product allows you to save and work with various manufacturers and suppliers. We tested several software, but Digifort was simple, practical and objective. The customer feels valued. That’s cool, “concludes Dias.


Santos Brasil The group is reference in the operation of containers in South America. It currently has three ports terminals: Tecon Santos (SP), Tecon Imbituba (SC), and Tecon Vila do Conde (PA), and a vehicle export terminal (TEV) in the Port of Santos and integrated port logistics units in Santos(SP), Guaruja (SP), São Bernardo do Campo (SP), Jaguaré (SP), and Imbituba (SC). The Company offers integrated logistics solutions for clients in various economic sectors. More information is available on the website .


Digifort Digifort is the first Brazilian software for IP monitoring, Digital CCTV and electronic storage of images. Known in the market as an IP Surveillance System, the product has the resources, equipment and advanced technology solutions for the areas of digital intelligence, corporate surveillance and urban security. Currently, its platform is continuously developed in Brazil, sold in more than 80 countries and translated into several languages, making the software one of the best assessments in the international market. More information on


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