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Event organized by the ACS Information Technology and Communication Sectorial Chamber, one of the oldest and most respected corporate entities in Brazil

Software is assisting local police in reducing criminal rates of Táchira, one of the main provinces of the Venezuelan territory

Considered the largest private residential complex in the city of Santos/SP, the site has its own Command and Electronic Surveillance Center (CECOE)

Software, equipment and infrastructure applied to the project are among the world’s best for NOC (Network Operation Center) monitoring rooms

The software and equipment will help in the prevention of thefts, as well as aiding in the work towards the combat against scalpers, illegal parking attendants and incidents in general…

In its 16th edition, the International Security Fair was held with record attendance and business generation at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, in São Paulo/SP

After receiving a record number of votes, the recognition as the “Best Video-Surveillance Software” was awarded with a trophy during the fair in São Paulo/SP

Besides presenting the innovations of the 6.7 beta version, the software will showcase technologies for the electronic surveillance, urban security and IP surveillance markets

Project was implemented on the 121 kilometers of the highways under concession of Triunfo Concepa on the Rio Grande stretches of Osório – Porto Alegre – Guaíba

Governor Jaques Wagner visited the Security and Tourism stations, where the Digifort IP surveillance systems are installed